Hi there! NICU Nurse Tori here. Welcome to the most special corner of my website.

For over 8+ years now I have been working bedside in the secret gem of a unit called the 

"Neonatal Intensive Care Unit." After years of collecting memories, experiences, & developing a career, I have finally mustered up the courage to start this Blog. 

A little more about my Professional Life. 

I graduated from the University of Arizona (#beardown), with my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (December 2012). I moved home to Los Angeles, CA where I took my NCLEX & obtained my first job as a NICU Nurse Resident.

I completed the 22-week residency program & started working as a Clinical Nurse I.

Quickly I took on positions within my unit and became a member of several committees, championed many bedside educational opportunities, trained as a core staff for the "Small Baby Unit," specialized in Surgical NICU, and obtained my Clinical Nurse III. I also sat on the Shared Governance board, a hospital-wide association to bring all areas of the hospital together to collect data and make improvements with nursing input at the forefront.

After moving to Los Angeles CA, I decided to take some "Local Travel" positions to expand my NICU experiences. I have worked at two Children's Hospital, University hospitals,

Non-Profit Hospitals, & Trauma I hospitals, all amazing experiences! 

I am thrilled to be starting this new journey and to share my experiences along the way. 


 I hope you find this fun, informative, and inspiring! 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts through my Contact Page!

Tori's Tips on NICU NURSE 101:

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Tori Meskin, BSN RNC-NIC is a registered nurse in Los Angeles & Orange County metropolitan area. Working in Level IV-II NICUs. 


In addition to being a wife, nurse, blogger, and podcaster! She has obtained her National Certification (NICU) and worked as a local traveler pursuing bedside experiences in several NICU settings.


Tori enjoys time with her new hubby, creating content, learning about new patient populations, riding horses, weekend beach or ski time, time with family & friends & sharing all of her life Tips along the way! 

Follow her NICU & Lifestyle blog journey as she juggles married life, nurse life, & enjoying life’s adventures!


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