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as A Nurse



Welcome to the most special corner of my website.

For over 9+ years now I have been working bedside in the secret gem of a unit called the "Neonatal Intensive Care Unit." (NICU). After 4 years of collecting memories, experiences, & developing my career, finally mustered up the courage to start this blog. 



NICU Nurse


I graduated from the University of Arizona (#beardown)

with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2012.

I moved home to Los Angeles, CA where I took my NCLEX & obtained my first job as a NICU Nurse Resident.

After completing a 22-week nurse residency program I began working bedside as a Clinical Nurse I, turned to

Clinical Nurse II, and then Clinical Nurse III. I took on positions within my unit and became a member of several committees, championed many bedside educational opportunities, and trained as a core staff for the

"Small Baby Unit," specialized in Surgical NICU, and obtained my national certification RNC-NIC.

I have worked as a

staff nurse, travel nurse, nights/days, and Per Deim.

In addition, I have worked Pediatric Critical Care Float Pool (CVICU, PICU, Oncology etc) and currently seeking my

MSN in leadership to become a true leader in this space. 

I am thrilled to be starting this new journey and to share my experiences along the way. 


 I hope you find this fun, informative, and inspiring! 



How do I Become A NICU Nurse?

This is by far my most asked question. And a very loaded question at that! There are so many ways to become a NICU nurse and I have so many

TIPS to offer you.

Topics including:

How to become a NICU Nurse

Interview & Portfolio Tips & Tricks

Resources/Websites for hopeful & current NICU Nurses

What is it REALLY like to be a NICU nurse? 

I have created YOU Exclusive NICU Nurse Content

& Resources. All of my best modern-day nurse insight & experiences, a collection of Level IV NICU education, curated blogs, with100+ hours of diligent research, podcast interviews, and more. 





Your Exclusive Nurse Tori Content

I am stoked to bring you this content! These are my PREMIUM posts curated to help you in your Nurse journey!

I have compiled all of my BEST content here for you!! 

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Report Sheets

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New Nurse


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Report Sheets

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