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Welcome to Tips From Tori Blog! My name is Tori Servin Meskin BSN RNC-NIC and this is my online diary where I document all things nurse life, beauty, babies, lifestyle, fashion, and fun. I am a professional nurse, amateur wifey, workout enthusiast, healthcare blogger and now Family Nurse Practitioner in training!. 

I currently live in California with my husband Jacob near our favorite place, the beach.

We were married New Years Eve 2017 & would love to have children one day.

(For now, plant parents). We enjoy the beach, skiing, workouts, brunching, family & friend weddings, new babies, and most of all each other.  


I have been a nurse now for 7+ years. Combining my love of: Nursing, Neonates, New Products etc. I have created this space/platform to share with you! 

I work bedside as a Per Diem (full-time nurse), content creator for my blog, & now a Podcaster! I just launched the "Nurse Tori Cellfie Show" where I am "Making Healthcare Hip One Cellfie at a Time!" It has been such an amazing journey. I also am thrilled to expand my horizons as a Family Nurse Practitioner and bring you along the way in my journey.

Writing this blog, running Tips from Tori LLC, and branching into new territories has been such a joy to me and I am so thankful to my amazing "Tipster" community here with me.

Here, I share with you, my pearls of wisdom, nurse life, latest tips & tricks, resources, style, etc. From my personal #realtalk posts to beauty, lifestyle, and nurse tips, I hope "Tips From Tori," inspires you, provides useful information, & celebrates what makes you unique.

 There are few places to find support and information or insight into the #Real Nurse, NICU, & NP world. And most current blogs are not nearly the Nurse I feel I am today!

Therefore, I wanted to bring you a bit of my Nurse world & personal real life fun as well! 

I hope to bring you a fun, informative, & trendy side to the medical field!  

Cheers & so happy to be sharing my Little Life Tips with you! 


Tori's Tips on NICU NURSE 101:

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Tori Meskin, BSN RNC-NIC is a registered nurse in Los Angeles & Orange County metropolitan area. Working in Level IV-II NICUs. 


In addition to being a wife, nurse, blogger and podcaster! Tori is currently studying to become a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). She has obtained her National Certification (NICU) and worked as a local traveler pursuing bedside experiences in several NICU settings.


Tori enjoys time with her new hubby, creating content, learning about new patient populations, riding horses, weekend beach or ski time, time with family & friends & sharing all of her life Tips along the way! 

Follow her NICU & Lifestyle blog journey as she juggles married life, nurse life, & enjoying life’s adventures!


Instagram @nurse.tori_

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