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Chic Moody Bathroom Upgrade

Welcome to my new favorite room of the house... our guest bathroom. While I hope to eventually re-do many rooms and corners of our home, this room sparked my motivation and creative juices!

Creating and designing has always been a passion of mine, and I finally got enough creative spurts to re-design this space for something chic and moody. From the outside looking in, this bathroom is sophisticated and chic, but once inside it adds a moody, sassy, humorous experience.

Let's take a dive into all the pieces and prints that brought the vision of this room to life!

The simple one-toned towel had to go... so I brought in this Mackenzie child's dupe two-toned checkered towel to pair with the mix of light and dark tones in the room.

This gorgeous pink plant ties together the ode to the outdoors and is the perfect accent to pair with the green and gold.

Paint Color: Behr Salamander (Dynasty Line) Home Depot

Salamander is a rich, vivid green that embodies the diversity and dynamic energy of the great outdoors. This paint color adds depth that draws your eyes to the bright spots in the room.

The prints collectively tie together wildlife, femininity, pops of color, and just a touch of sass, humor, and trends to keep things interesting. You can’t see this wall of art until you are in the room with the door shut, so it’s is the perfect spot for bold and fun prints that bring a little unexpected twist to our guests bathroom experience.

The RGB values for Benjamin Moore 2050-10 Salamander are 47, 62, 60 and the HEX code is #2F3E3C (Matte, not semi gloss)

This preppy tiger print is a staple piece that draws your eye and brings to life the pops of accent colors that brighten up the space. This piece is symbolic to me. My dad's nickname growing up was "Tio Tiger," (Uncle Tiger). So I was on the hunt for something fun and playful, this just hit the spot. The tiger embodies the spirit of power, courage, and personal strength for me.

These lights truly set the warm, moody feels. I found these and several variations at Home Depot.

The gold faucet, mirror, and soap dispenser were all essentials to creating that perfect contrast to the green walls and leaving a timeless and elegant feeling to the room. I wanted all of the accent pieces gold or brushed gold/champagne colored.

A few of my favorite black and white prints embody the sass and humor I was looking for. The mix of frames and canvases provides funky, unique visuals.

Funny Prints for accents in room

These prints are positioned on the strip of the wall right in front of the toilet for a quick laugh as you do your business.

Witchy Print

The addition of this mirror provides a beautiful reflection of the prints on the opposite wall and ensures you're surrounded by moody vibes no matter where you stand.

Moody bathroom DIY Ideas

Tori Meskin MSN RNC-NIC (@nurse.tori_) is a Registered Nurse specializing in NICU care. She has worked bedside since 2013, specializing in neonatal and pediatric critical care. Tori graduated from The University of Arizona (#beardown) with a dual major in Nursing and Psychology. As a bedside nurse, she has worked for Children’s Hospitals and University Hospitals in Level IV NICU, Trauma I centers, and consulting centers. She is trained to work in specialized areas; Small Baby Unit, Body Cooling Team, & surgical NICU (Cardiothoracic, Gastrointestinal, Neurosurgical, & congenital anomalies etc.) Tori has grown and developed her platforms through Instagram, TikTok, and blog, where she has developed a community full of support, education, and provides a shift worker big sister personal sharing her nurse shift lifestyle, NICU nurse journey, nurse tips, and little life hacks.


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