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Branding & Social Media Tips & Tricks

Branding, marketing, and content creation aren’t just for mommy bloggers and the fashion industry! Today I am revealing why everyone should invest in their personal brand and share my latest tools, apps, tips, and strategies to create a personal brand.

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Marketing and branding have been a part of every industry and are something that touches all points of our lives. Athletes, musicians, actors, artists, the food industry, pop stars, social media content creators, and of course, those of us in healthcare. For SO many reasons, we should be bringing our creative Medical presence to various platforms.

This is how I see it...

The BIGGEST MISTAKE many of us in healthcare do is say: This Isn't For Me.

We become mentally typecast as healthcare providers and often miss the BIGGER picture.

A Personal Brand is your Insurance Policy!

An opportunity to grow, learn, network, build a community, and pivot in your life when you need to. Your personal brand is an extension of who you are, what you believe, what is important to you...even an extended resume!

Investing in your personal brand can come in several forms! Social Media (Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook), Podcast, Pinterest, Linkedin, creating a blog/website/videos/audio landing page where you share who you are and what you are bringing to the world.

If Not Me, Who? If Not Now, When?

The world is rapidly changing, and I love it! There are so many opportunities to take ownership of your life in new ways.

Branding is relevant to us in healthcare in more ways than you think!

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Key Note Speaking

Developing a niche product/course/resource

Cosmetic Surgery / Pediatricians / Dentists / Dermatologists

RN. NP. PA Practices (Aesthetics, Holistic Care, Specialties)

Becoming an Author

Features in Media

Creating a Start-Up Company

Medical Pioneers

Healthcare Social Media + Content Creation

Conference Founders & Creators

Job Applications

Friends and Family with Small or Midsized Businesses

Each of these benefits from a personal brand. To create credibility, opportunities to share education and knowledge, and utilize a community in your own personal adventure. Creating a community and developing your personal brand (BEFORE) you dive into new avenues is KEY!!! Community and consumers want to see the process, get to know you, and understand who it is we are supporting and WHY we should support you. This is becoming more and more important in today's society. It can be a little weird to move into this whole new world, but we are leaning into the discomfort!!

Let’s dive into the secret sauce of how I handle my social media and digital brand building!

Social media should be an extension of your personal brand and a place where you express yourself while providing value to your target audience. It doesn’t matter if you have a hundred followers or a million, you should show up for your followers just the same!

Aesthetically pleasing content will only get you so far on Instagram, Websites, Podcasts, TikTok, Pinterest, etc., SOOO bring forth your best tips, resources, experiences & passion to build a strong connection with your audience. I know that the people I love to follow more intently are those I feel like I can relate to on a deeper level.

I am sharing my BIGGEST TIPS, Apps, Photo Editing, &

Social Media Strategies to help build my brand, blog, and podcast!


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The Most Important Ingredient: PASSION

Stick to what you are passionate about and develop content around that. I have 5 content pillars/topics that I work from when creating content for my niche. This allows me to speak to what I love and know and lets my community know what to expect from my page.

Be Genuine

Authenticity is how you will build real connections with your followers. Don’t just show a highlight reel of your life. Nobody can relate to that! Think about your content before you publish it… ask yourself if your content will bring value to someone’s life.

Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day!!

It takes time to build a brand on social media and everyone’s growth looks different. It may take one person a year to reach a certain milestone and another person two months. Celebrate the small wins and use them to fuel you to keep going! Success doesn’t happen overnight and is best earned not bought. It can be hard to be patient but you absolutely do not want to ruin your engagement by buying followers or utilizing engagement pods!

Build a Website

I decided to use a Wix template to build out my blog and other resources ( I love how user friendly Wix is and how my website is a great connecting point to link back to from all of my different social channels (Instagram, Podcast, Facebook, Pinterest). I also utilize the Wix shop feature for my podcast merch.

Email Signature

Establish your credibility with a professional-looking email signature! Your signature should contain your full name, logo, website, and best way to contact you. I like to send out monthly email newsletters to stay in touch with my community and let them have an inside peak into what I have been working on, best discounts for products I love, and to link a helpful blog, podcast or other resource in it.


Invest in a professional-looking logo for your brand and use that everywhere! You can use your logo for inspiration for your color palette as well. If you are creating a lot of original content, it is smart to watermark your photos with your logo so it can be traced back to you as the creator. Be consistent so your brand can be recognizable by sticking to a color palette, select font styles, and overall vibe of your content. If you want to get really fancy, you can purchase presets so your Instagram feed blends together aesthetically. I encourage you to be creative and stand out, don’t copy anyone else’s vibes and persona! Simply show up as your signature self.

Recruit People Who Are Better Than You in Different Ways

I had to bring help in to be able to continue to work and create content full-time. You can’t be good at everything! What are your weaknesses? How can you improve them? If you need to scale it back then stick to what you are good at! If you are a strong writer- then blog. If you are a talker- then start a podcast. You don’t have to do it all to be successful with social media. It is worth the investment.

Find Your Niche

Starting with a niche helps a lot! I started in NICU blogging and then it sparked from there to include more of a lifestyle focus. When creating educational content the number one thing to remember is to be sure that it is backed with verified sources! From there, I have expanded my content to lifestyle, sharing our podcast, expanding here on the blog, etc. If you used information from another creator or source it is not enough to just paraphrase what they said and push post. Make sure to site all of your sources, medical or not!

Learn to Say No!

My motto is that if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no. Don’t say yes to anything that isn’t a perfect fit for your brand and beliefs. When you get into this space you may find yourself approached by companies. Do these companies bring value to you? Is it worth sharing? f you believe in a product promote it. The money a brand wants to pay you to promote their product isn’t worth it unless you stand behind their brand and personally love to use it. Be selective! If you say yes to every brand and push products onto your audience all the time, they won’t respect your endorsements anymore. Know your brand. If you test and review products, then this may be a different rule of thumb for you. Always try out the products before agreeing to create content for a brand.

Others Peoples’s Agenda For Your Life...Burn Out

Make time for rest and prioritize unplugging! Taking a break from social media will help you feel more inspired and productive when you get back on. Don’t let the negativity of other’s affect how you show up. Restrict the haters on Instagram and move on! They aren't worth your time. I LOVE A GOOD BLOCK MOMENT. Very CHIC if you ask me.


If you are a medical provider (goes without saying), make sure you are HIPPA compliant. Be mindful of the pictures, information, & content you share. Make sure you are sharing information in your scope of practice and expertise. In addition, if you are using google pictures, make sure you have rights to share the picture. I see a lot of healthcare providers sharing these pictures, be mindful of this. If you re-share a picture from a family or patient, obtain their consent and add the sourcing information (with a tag or name). Be smart about your content. I get it, people want to see what we do. So, get creative with your content!

Seek Out Knowledge From Others Success Leaves Clues!

Nobody knows it all, and there is always something new to learn even if you consider

yourself an expert in a certain field. Here are some ways to keep learning in order to

develop your brand on social media and continue to provide meaningful content!

♡ Learn from those around you

♡ Follow inspiring accounts and blogs

♡ Read more books

♡ Study others in your field

♡ Listen to more podcasts

♡ Take online courses and earn certifications!

(Our podcast team uses Skillshare)


Whatever you are trying to market/sell, make sure you are cross-promoting your content in creative ways for maximum exposure! Here is a list for a starting point for you! XO

Write an informational blog post about it

Promote through an email to your list

Add your affiliate link to your email signature

Pin to Pinterest using your affiliate link

Tell your friends, family, and peers about it

Add a banner to your website

Promote it in the announcement bar on your website

Create a roundup post of your “favorite items” and include it


♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

My Most Utilized Editing Websites & Apps

You know I am the BIGGEST advocate for creating content (THAT YOU CONTROL). I have created my website on WIX. Here you can create a professional website and curate your own professional web presence — exactly the way you want. You can choose a customizable designer-made template and add the features you need. This allows you to get online with a stunning, professional and functional web presence. Whether it’s your first time creating or you’re a long time expert, you’ll find the features and solutions you need to build a professional website with true creative freedom.

Lightroom Photo Editing App

My most utilized phone App! This is an amazing photo editing app to help you brand up all of your pictures. All the tools you need to curate and find your best photos. Lightroom is the cloud-based service that gives you everything you need to create, edit, organize, store, and share your photos across any device

Canva is a graphic design platform used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. I use this for some of my Instagram posts with branded NICU posts, Pinterest posts, branded CELLFIE Nurse Products, etc. The app includes templates for users to use. Create with custom templates and design with a team. Share designs anywhere and get it professionally printed anytime.

Splice Video Editing App

This is the BEST video editing app for Instagram & TikTok. I was skeptical at first, but holy smokes this is the best app for video editing. Simple yet powerful, Splice makes it easy to create fully customized, professional-looking videos on your iPhone, iPad. Just tap to trim clips, adjust transitions, add slow-motion effects, and create beautiful videos you’ll love to share. It’s never been easier to edit like a pro on the go.

Yes, Facetune! No shame in the game, I use this app. However, I try to limit the "facial" editing, as I really like to keep this authentic. But, if I want to edit out backgrounds, smooth areas of the photo, etc. this is the app for me. This is a photo editing application used to edit, enhance, and retouch photos on a user’s iOS or Android device created by Lightricks. The app is often used for portrait and selfie editing.

Whitagram Formating App

This is the best hidden secret for formatting my instagram photos. This is the easiest way to use the original size photos to fit the instagram square. Landscape and portrait photos can be uploaded to instagram and I play around with sizing, and formatting photos to match my instagram feed.

I send emails monthly and this is something I can control (WITH NO ALGORITHM). I create branded emails, sell products, and make it easy for people to find me from a single platform. Whether I am launching an email marketing campaign to engage my community, uploading merch to the Cellfie Show Shop, or generating awareness on social media, they have all the tools & guidance you need to achieve the results you want one place.

I discovered this app 7 months ago, and we are never turning back. This is the BEST app for project management. Whether it is just for you or a team of people, this is a great website and app to help you keep track of daily, weekly, monthly projects. We used to rely on texting, the iPhone Notes App and emails, BUT this is so much more streamlined. Asana is the easiest way to manage team projects and your individual tasks. From the small stuff to the big picture, Asana organizes work so you and your teams are clear on what to do, when to do it, and how to get it done. Asana is customizable, and allows users to break down projects into tasks and set clear goals for teams. Asana also has integration with hundreds of other apps that businesses use, like Google Drive and Outlook.

Skillshare! This is truly my newest favorite tool to help me (and my team) grow. This is an American online learning community for people who want to learn from educational videos. Here you can explore social media tips & tricks, create marketing skills, learn from experts in their field and get lost in creativity. We focus on social media and market branding but the skills are endless! The main course categories include creative arts, design, entrepreneurship, lifestyle and technology.

Keeping track of schedules, podcast interviews, zoom or google meet meetings, etc. can be a nightmare. This app has helped streamline not only my calendar but also our little team, Cellfie Guests, Sam, husband etc. Calendly helps make scheduling faster and more efficient. Be notified when someone books, reschedules, or cancels, explore upcoming appointments, and review form responses so you feel prepared for your meeting. The best feature of Calendly for our use is having our team sync and coordinate multiple event types in my calendar. You can also set up automation around your events, such as emails and text notifications. It is seamless and we have been loving this one to help keep my GOOGLE CALENDAR schedule on point.

This is probably my most valuable tip to help put this all together! I recently took this course after discovering the founder on the Dream Bigger Podcast. I can not recommend this course enough. (I am not affiliated, just know this is a course you will love and learn soooo much from!) Not only did I confirm a lot of the things I already knew, but I also gained so many take aways that I will be implementing moving forward. So let me tell you a little about the course.

Nitsan is the founder behind the creator crash course, Mind Your Business, which provides all the tools, secrets, and strategies to turn your social media into your business. She is the founder & CEO of Mind Your Business™, with over 7 years of social media industry experience and 3+ years working brand-side in the beauty industry. Nitsan has built a community of 500K+ followers across platforms and has turned her once “side hustle” into a 7-figure business. Nitsan created MYB to share all the information she wished was available when starting out as a content creator, taking the guesswork out of turning your social media into your business.

This is the ultimate creator crash course revealing what everyone wants to know -

but no one talks about, on securing brand partnerships, building your personal brand

& becoming your own boss.

She also talks on how to monetize content creation,

strategies for enhancing content creation on multiple platforms,

time management,

tips for engaging

and building a community,

and so much more.

Investment: US$267.00

  • How to reach out to brands & actually get PAID

  • Step by step guidance to shooting content, establishing your personal brand & developing your aesthetic

  • Specific tactics to organically grow your audience + increase engagement

  • When & exactly how much to charge brands for Instagram partnerships

  • Strategies to make every partnership a success & keep them coming back for more!

If you are someone interested in the social media / content creation side of things, this is the best investment I can recommend! It is bite-sized, provides so much insight, and helps streamline the crazy world of becoming a content creator.

When I first started creating content, I was deeply inspired by Lauryn Bosstick and her Skinny Confidential brand. Her strategy is to aim to be 1% better every single day and do bite size things so as to not get burned out. Her brand-building wisdom has always stuck with me and something I remind myself of daily! Throughout your social media journey, be sure to do just one thing better each time and before you know it you will have a flourishing brand and open opportunities you never knew were possible.

Cheers to you and this Brand Building Energy!

Tori Meskin BSN RNC-NIC. Nurse. Blogger. Podcaster. Tori has been a clinician since 2012, works in acute care/inpatient NICU & Pediatric settings in southern California. She is a blogger, podcaster, NICU & Pediatric Critical Care RN, Sponsored Capella University MSN student, & Brave beginnings Ambassador. She has obtained her National NICU Nurse Certification (RNC-NIC) & has previously worked as a travel nurse, pursuing bedside experiences in several NICU settings. Follow her as she shares her NICU journey married life & juggles work, school, content creation, & brings you top notch Tips & Tricks along the way. Find her at or

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