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Hey There! 

I'm Tori Meskin BSN RNC-NIC

Nurse. Blogger. Podcaster.

 Welcome To Tips From Tori.

My zesty blog With an 

informative & trendy

side of the medical field. 




Over the years, I’ve used this blog to share my personal and professional experiences with you and give insight into the opportunities and challenges of life in the nursing field. As I’ve grown and developed as a clinician, so has this brand. I’m proud to have collaborated with some of the biggest names in healthcare, developing creative and informative content to educate and empower providers of all levels.

Despite our significant growth, our simple goal remains the same: to support new and experienced nurses in finding confidence and happiness in all that they do. Here, you can find high-quality nurse resources, behind-the-scenes snapshots, premium NICU-specific content, lifestyle and beauty hacks, and everything in between. 

Welcome to Tips From Tori. We’re so glad you’re here.


Like all nurses, I strive to define myself by more than just my professional role. I am a wife, nurse, self-taught blogger, self-care enthusiast, jalapeño margarita mixologist, small-town farmer's daughter, nacho connoisseur, and hold a fierce "put your blinders on" mentality while bringing fun and excitement to the focused work that I do. Welcome to all things nurse life, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, & (yes) fun. Let's get real - it can be challenging to find honest and authentic support in the healthcare world. We all know that nursing is more than just understanding the science and providing compassionate clinical care. It's about connecting with our medical community, supporting our patients and families we care for, and finding fulfillment in the tiny wins. So let's spice it up and continue to grow together! 
XO Tori 


Nurse Tori x Elliot Young

Elliot Young Fine Jewelry is created on the premise of making an impact while doing what they love! I have teamed up with EY a company founded by two women on a mission to make an impact! Together, we created this small collection of timeless,14K Gold pieces that can be worn in any setting.

The Hamsa and an Evil Eye, are protective signs and believed to bring its owner happiness, luck, health, peace, and good fortune. And the Beaded Necklace brings strength, wisdom, power, and energy. The Threaders and Hoops are great everyday lightweight earrings that combine style with wearability.  They are fine Jewelry pieces and will maintain their shine through shifts, showers, and daily wear.

When you use my IMPACT CODE on these two necklaces and two pairs of earrings at checkout:

NURSETORI25 you will get 25% off AND Elliot Young will donate 5% to one of my favorite orgs: Brave Beginnings

A foundation which helps support NICUs provide essential equipment to hospitals in need. I hope you wear these with good fortune.

Sending you heath and happiness! XO Tori 






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