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Tori’s Top Tools for Glowing Skin

It’s never too early to start a strong skincare routine! I LOVE trying new things and most of my money actually goes to skincare. My skin is not perfect, and my maskne has been in full force this year, but these tools have helped me feel fab & keep my skin chic. As always all of these recommendations are tried and true- so let’s get to it.

I like my products to be effective and do what they're saying they are going to

do! CYRx MD was formulated by a Mayo Clinic trained Orthopedic Spinal

surgeon, Dr. Steven Cyr, who created these incredible medical grade products

to help his patients with a wide spectrum of skin disorders. Dr. Cyr has partnered

with chemists and skin specialists to formulate a proprietary blend of products

ideally suited to inhibiting large, unsightly scars, skin discoloration, and damage

from aging, and the effects of hormones and bacteria on skin.

Collagen Youth Serum feels like youth in a bottle with a formula that gives

unequaled anti-aging benefits with high concentrations of key antioxidants to

rejuvenate the skin, fight free radicals and provide maximum protection against

environmental and UV induced skin damage.

Ultra Recovery Cream goes on super silky with no scents! It soothes the

skin, removes irritation & reduces redness. Ultra Recovery Cream is further

enhanced with four different ceramides to restore skin barrier function which

helps the skin maintain its natural structure.

Retinol Eye Cream. This is my newest nightly MUST! This is a rich & restorative, all-in-one, anti-aging eye cream contains peptide complexes, a breakthrough Retinoid, and a form of Vitamin K, to reduce dark circles, promote collagen production to improve fine lines and wrinkles, and increase cellular turnover resulting in healthy, younger-looking skin in this delicate area.

Tinted Sunblock SPF 44 is light weight and sheerly tinted. Formulated as a

chemical-free alternative to sun protection, I am super picky with facial sunscreen because I don’t want to break out, and I have to say I am obsessed with this one.

Find out all the juicy deets surrounding CYRx on the Cellfie Podcast-


Vanity Planet Forever Young Wand and Ultimate Skin Spa facial cleansing

system are my day one ride or die tools. The Ultimate Skin Spa cleansing brush

brings washing your face to a whole new level with three interchangeable brush

heads to customize the perfect routine for your skin type.

I also love the Vanity Planet steamer that enhances the benefits of my skin care regimen, primes skin for exfoliation & product application and accelerates the absorption and

effectiveness of applied products. I use these daily during my nighttime skin care



As a medical professional myself, I truly appreciate expert advice on skin care!

Curology is an easy way to clear up your top skin issues with 3 main active

ingredients uniquely devised to treat your skin concerns. You start by taking their

skin quiz before being matched with an expert who will draw up a customized

formula that even has your name on the bottle.

I love how hands on their company is throughout your entire journey to clear, healthy skin with routine check-ins by your matched skin care professional who will ask questions, and

update your routine as your needs change. Skin is most definitely a long term



HOT TIP!!! Let yourself literally chill out by putting your Sdara Rose Quartz Jade Roller in the fridge to give yourself a mini refreshing massage to tone and sculpt your face. The cold helps decrease swelling and inflammation in your face and improves lymphatic drainage.

You can also use the roller to work products into the face. Accompany your facial massage with Sdara’s anti-aging eye masks or with their skin brightening and hydrating face masks that will leave your skin looking revitalized. I love how PETAL-SOFT and dewy my skin feels after using their botanically sourced face masks. It is truly a night and day difference with

this intensely moisturizing and refreshing combo!


Give your skin the total reset it needs with Drunk Elephant. What makes Drunk

Elephant a unique beauty staple at my house is how they create all of their

products at a skin-friendly PH level and that all ingredients are effective yet

recognized by the skin and easily absorbed. I absolutely LOVE how Drunk

Elephant’s cleansers and moisturizers leave my skin feeling so smooth and

gives me the confidence to go out of my house without makeup.

-C-Firma Day Serum is a vitamin c serum to help firm and brighten your skin,

but you do have to wear sunscreen with it!

-Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser is a mild, foaming, gel cleanser that takes off

makeup phenomenally.

-T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum is a smooth gel that helps exfoliate,

resurface, and clarify your skin making it smoother and brighter.

-Protini Polypeptide Cream is a moisturizer formulated to nourish, strengthen

and firm the skin while reducing fine lines and sun damage.

-A-Passioni Retinol Cream is a clean, cutting edge formula that I put on last at

night in my “nighttime skin care cocktail”.


IS Clinical Active Serum!

By far, one of my MOST used products over the years. This serum is UNREAL. It feels spicy going on, you can really feel the "active," ingredients & moreover SEE the results. This product has helped my complection, brightness, and maskne from my long 12 hour shifts.

This is their most popular product. This fast-acting, long-term, results-oriented formula decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, visibly evens skin tone, and is excellent for blemish-prone skin. Touted by physicians as “remarkable” and “phenomenal,” ACTIVE SERUM usually produces results within a couple of days. Potent activity will be noted upon application as evidenced by a cool tingling sensation. Excellent for all skin types and for all ages, this powerful botanical serum leaves the skin moist and smooth.


These tiny razors work wonders for removing the un-necessary fine hairs on my

face. You don’t need to be an experienced aesthetician to be able to safely use

the blade and protect your sensitive skin.

This razor makes your face soooooo smooth and is small enough to perfectly shape your eyebrows. For best results, I recommend the razor to be single use if used all over your face.


There you have it! Skin Care Tools that once you start using, you’ll never be able to go without. I am obsessed with these and know you’ll be too.

XO, Tori

Tori Meskin BSN RNC-NIC. Nurse. Blogger. Podcaster. Tori has been a clinician since 2012, works in acute care/inpatient NICU & Pediatric settings in southern California. She is a blogger, podcaster, NICU & Pediatric Critical Care RN, Sponsored Capella University MSN student, a Barco Uniforms Ambassador & Brave beginnings Ambassador. She has obtained her National NICU Nurse Certification (RNC-NIC) & has previously worked as a travel nurse, pursuing bedside experiences in several NICU settings. Follow her as she shares her NICU journey married life & juggles work, school, content creation, & brings you top notch Tips & Tricks along the way. Find her at or

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