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Bikini Competition Prep 101

Health and Fitness have always been apart of my life.

Competing in a Bikini Muscle Competition was always on my bucket list! It is such an amazing sport but I had so many questions! How do you do this? Do I need a coach? What do you eat? Where do I order a competition suit? Do I really need that tan? What are the judges looking for?

In addition, I had goals I wanted to reach! To challenge my body to its peak! To look better than I ever have, to learn more about my body, my mental strength, my physical peak, and how nutrition affects my physical goals.



First off, I am by no means a professional. I understand the basics, but I was essentially starting from scratch. My brother and I used to work out together at the ripe old age of 16 and although young, my bother taught me some very core concepts that have always stuck with me.

#1 Proper Form

#2 Weights won’t make you bulky

#3 Don’t be afraid of the weight room

#4 Challenge yourself safely

Two years ago, I completed my first “Bikini Contest”

My Competition Goals:

#1 To challenge my body to it’s max capacity

#2 To place on the podium.

I did both. How did I do this you ask?

First, I joined Team Edge because I knew I wanted to do it the "right way" while also being safe. In order to succeed I knew I needed a coach, a diet plan, a bikini as well as posing advice and lastly, day-of contest details. Luckily for me Team Edge provided it all!

I trained for about 14 weeks. I checked in with my coaches (via email) every two weeks (until 1 month out and then weekly), I practiced posing, meal prepped, gulped down all the water I possible could, and truly gave it my all.

My meals went a little something like this:

Wake Up: 30 min FASTED CARDIO

Meal 1: 1/3 cup oatmeal, 1 whole egg, 4 egg whites, 1 tbsp pb

Meal 2: 3oz chicken breast, 10 asparagus, 2oz avocado

Meal 3: 3oz ground turkey, 1/3 cup rice, 1 cup Veggies

Meal 4: ( pre workout) 4 oz chicken, 4oz sweet potato, 1 cup mixed veggies

Meal 5: (post) 1 scoop whey protein immediately after workout 45 min later 4oz Tilapia, 1/2 cup rice, 10 asparagus

Meal 6: 5 egg whites, 10 almonds

And my workouts went a little something like this:

Workout: Legs/Plyos

DB Split Squats 4 sets x 15, Split Squat Hops 4 sets x 30 sec

DB Curtsey Lunge off small step 4 sets x 12 each leg, Jump Lunges 4 sets x 30 sec

DB Step Ups to Reverse Lunge 4 sets x 12 each side, Ice skaters 4 sets x 30 sec

Lying Leg Curls 4 sets x 12, DB Cross Over Step Ups 4 sets x 12 each side

Cardio: 20 min Steady Run

(For purposes of the Team & their Business I cannot disclose more. Keep in mind you are also only seeing one day of my entire week, every day had different amounts of protein, carb, & fat intake and workout plans. I did this with supervision of a Coach & updated pictures & progress)

After months of hard work, more PUMPS than I could count, insane amount of blood sweat & tears, I made it to Competition Day! I walked into ½ naked men and women walking around in their spray tan & suits, more rhinestones than King Tut, & more fun energy than I can explain. Calming one’s nerves is impossible at this point.

This particular competition was the ULTIMATE due to the fact that the IFBB (International Federation of Body Building & Fitness) Pro Body Building Division (The Arnold Competitors) were competing this day. Therefore, this was a BIG one to see.

Day of Competition

First things first, get (re)-tanned! The night before all competitors get sprayed with a base tan. (The poor hotel sheets had no idea what was coming). After the early morning tan, came the task of getting my suit on (without ruining your tan, practically impossible).

Then hair & makeup. I (like most new competitors) chose to have it done by the professionals. It’s more like “stage makeup” and my Estee Lauder Foundation was no match for this. Then finishing touches with heels & jewelry.

Then it’s game time. Or "hurry up and wait" game time! LOTS of WAIT Time!

I entered into the Bikini Division (which is based on height). I entered in Class F (Over 5’5’’ and up to and including 5’6’’).

Bikini Regulations are strict. ​

1. Competitors will compete in a two-piece suit.

2. The bottom of the suit must be v-shaped.

3. No thongs are permitted.

4. Competitors can compete in an off the rack suit.

5. All swimsuits must be in good taste.

6. Athletes will be warned about improper suits and are advised to bring two (2) suits to check in.

7. The fronts of the suits are too low and must be constructed higher.

8. Athletes will be scored down if the suit is not up to standard.

9. Competitors must wear high heels.

10. Competitors may wear jewelry.

11. National level contests do not permit competitors to crossover into Bodybuilding, Fitness or Figure at the same event.

12. All other competitions are permitted to have crossovers at the discretion of the promoter with appropriate approval.


Judges score competitors using the following criteria:

Balance and Shape

Overall physical appearance including complexion, skin tone, poise and overall presentation.

Easy Right?! Well, let’s just say I was up against some of the best bodies I have ever seen! After a full day of Completion, hitting the stage three times, with two “First Call Outs” I placed 3rd in Novice & 6thin Open. I came coming home with one trophy & proceeded to eat the BEST BURGER I have EVER Eaten after wards.

The whole experience was so FUN & REWARDING. Although, my now husband might disagree. Competing is a job in itself. Your whole day & life revolves around workouts, getting food in, prepping meals, posing practice, and water intake. It is certainly a lifestyle.

I have contemplated doing another show. However, it takes a particular mind set and time to do so. So, currently I try to maintain a healthy(ish) diet, and some similar workouts to maintain a healthy Bikini Bod.

Personally, I am able to eat what I like in moderation. I consume Healthy Proteins, lots of veggies, some carbs (white & brown rice, some bread), salads, healthy tacos, season with many different seasonings & spices, & maintain a loose Mediterranean style diet.

I work out 3 times a week focusing on HIT training & lifting (mainly legs, glutes, hamstrings, etc). I feel lucky to have a partner who maintains a healthy lifestyle & encourages our active lifestyle. We bike ride, workout together (not the same workouts), take a yoga class from time to time, hike, travel, & enjoy beach living.

I truly enjoyed Prep Life and who knows, maybe do another one at some point.

But for now, I am enjoying my moderate lifestyle by the beach.

Xo Tori



Tori Meskin BSN RNC-NIC. Nurse. Blogger. Podcaster. Tori has been a clinician since 2012, works in acute care/inpatient NICU & Pediatric settings in southern California. She is a blogger, podcaster, NICU & Pediatric Critical Care RN, Sponsored Capella University MSN student, a Barco Uniforms Ambassador & Brave beginnings Ambassador. She has obtained her National NICU Nurse Certification (RNC-NIC) & has previously worked as a travel nurse, pursuing bedside experiences in several NICU settings. Follow her as she shares her NICU journey married life & juggles work, school, content creation, & brings you top notch Tips & Tricks along the way. Find her at or

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