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Tori's Top Tips for 4th of July at Home!

Updated: Jul 3

Fun can still be had with a mask and

six feet of separation.

(Bathing suit, Target)

We’re approaching a Fourth of July that is far from traditional. Where some families might head out for an annual firework show, pool party, or lake house trip with friends, this year our “typical” plans are simply not possible.

However, don’t call it a bust quite yet, because there are still ways to add a little spark to this Fourth. We are helping you plan a Saturday that stands out from the rest—whether you’re feeling celebratory or just needing a break from the mundane, here are some quarantine tips for spicing up this unusual July 4th weekend.

Here are my tips on how you can celebrate your independence with people you love in a patriotic and relaxed way.

1. Try a Summer Cocktail

An obvious start, we are diving in with some great summer cocktails. The perfect Fourth cocktail isn’t much different from your average summer drink—we need something cold, refreshing, and preferably with a little touch of sweet. The difference is all in the presentation.

Blueberry Lemonade Margaritas

Turn you rmargarita into summer goals with this blueberry lemonade version. It's just what you've been missing. Have some leftover blueberry simple syrup? It tastes AMAZING in seltzer water, and is a great sweetener for iced tea. You can even stir it into yogurt or ice cream for a punch of blueberry flavor.

Learn how to make Blueberry Margarita, this is a spiced-up version of your regular cocktail! Fruity and refreshing, it spells fun just like how you want your summer party to be!

2. A Simple Baking Project

There are many great things about baking, including that it can be incredibly therapeutic after a long week, your kids can join in, and the results are delicious (even if something goes a little wrong). We’re ringing in the Fourth with a festive cake that is as delectable as it is pretty (and if you aren’t feeling festive, then consider it a celebration of the summer weekend with a seasonal-fruit cake).


This strawberry blueberry trifle recipe requires zero baking and it takes about 30 minutes to make! The sweet/tartness of the fruit, melt-in-your-mouth soft angel food cake and lightly sweetened cream come together so well. If you don’t have a trifle dish, you could easily put this in a large glass pyrex dish and it would still be fabulous.

This blueberry patriotic trifle is perfect for a last minute desert, and will definitely impress your guests!

The Red white and blue trifle layers make it an awesome 4th of July cake. The star decor on top definitely classifies this as a patriotic cake. I hope you all have a fun Independence day!

3. Add New Dish to the BBQ

What some of us look forward to most on the Fourth is the classic charred hot-dog. Just because the traditional neighborhood BBQ isn’t happening this year doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the holiday meal (the holiday’s meal being just about any burnt protein and mayonnaise-based “salad”). Fire up the grill, even if it’s just a small one (or, heck, a microwave), and cook up your favorites. And try a new dish! I'm making this one this weekend. We are going to throw on a burger, a hot dog, and have a side of Greek Summer Pasta Salad. The grill out might not be the big get together we’re used to, but the food will feel special—a quick switch-up from the norm.


This Greek Pasta Salad is light and fresh, loaded with garden tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers tossed in a homemade Greek dressing with Kalamata olives and Feta cheese. Perfect for summer parties or potlucks!

For perfect pasta salad here’s a few tips for success.

  • Choose the best shape. Look for short pasta shapes with nooks and crannies to trap the dressing such as fusilli, rotini, cavatappi or bow ties.

  • Salt the pasta water. Because pasta salad is eaten cold, the flavors tend to get muted so you want to make sure your pasta is well-salted as it cooks.

  • Cook the pasta a little past al dente. Since you’re serving the pasta cold, cook the pasta a minute or two longer than you normally would, but careful not to let it get mushy. Pasta gets hard as it cools, so the extra cooking time will keep it moist.

4. Spice Up the Toppings!!!

  • Avocado, tomato, onion, pickle, cilantro, spicy chipotle mayo, cheddar cheese.

  • Bacon wrapped all-beef dog deep fried, tomato, lettuce, mayo.

  • Grilled Chicken Sausage, sweet mango relish, lime mustard.

  • All beef natural casing hot dog, Dusseldorf mustard, relish onion, pickle.

  • Another Chicago classic, grilled, bolder garlic flavor, brown mustard, grilled onions.

5. Bike Ride

One great way to get exercise and get out of the house during coronavirus quarantine? Hop on your bike!

If you are an essential worker or need to get outside for exercise, cycling is encouraged, according to a statement from the European Regional Office for the WHO.

As long as you maintain safe social distancing practices, cycling to work can help you avoid unnecessary contact with others, helping to limit the spread of the virus, and also help meet daily recommendations for physical activity.

Overall, be sure to check your local public health recommendations and the current health mandates in your area, found on your state and local government website before heading anywhere for a workout. (You can find a directory of state health departments here.)

6. Socially Distant Lawn Games

This party doesn’t have to be contained to just those living with us. We’re joining the neighbors for a round of cornhole, the perfect get together but at a distance game. Placing one board in their yard and one on your own, team up with someone from your home to take on your favorite (or least favorite) neighbors.

And the games don’t have to end there. There’s tug-a-war, dodgeball, and even a sack race where the finish line is the middle! Think of the “property-line” you’ve argued over before and make that the center, the point neither group gets to cross, and go from there. Any game where there is a drawn boundary is ideal!

7. Soak Up the Sun

Have a low-key, go-barefoot, splash-in-the-lake kind of day this 4th of July. Set out festive lounge chairs, beach towels, and other summer essentials to help make your party relaxing and enjoyable. Oh, and don't forget the sun screen.

There’s a lot of creativity that comes out when you’ve been stuck inside for so long.

While we all miss having that personal connection that comes with hanging out with someone in person, we also want to do our best to protect our friends and family to the best of our abilities. If you crave that personal connection with people, try and host your own 4th of July party this year. Who knows, it could be a lot of fun!

Tori Meskin BSN RNC-NIC has been a clinician since 2012, works in acute care/inpatient NICU & Pediatric settings in southern California. She is a blogger, podcaster, NICU & Pediatric Critical Care RN, a Barco Uniforms Ambassador, and Brave beginnings affiliate. Find her at www.tipsfromtori.com or info@tipsfromtori.com

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