Let’s talk Wedding Day Makeup & Hair!

Updated: May 17, 2019

I love Makeup! & couldn’t wait to get dolled up for OUR BIG Day.

BUT, Not every makeup artist & team are created equal. I learned (after 1 failed Makeup trial) not to assume that every Makeup Team is the same. HERE ARE SOME TIPS TO CONSIDER FOR YOUR WEDDING DAY MAKEUP & HAIR TEAM APPROACH How many girls or women do you need prepped? And where (Venue, Hotel, destination, home) BRIDAL hair & Makeup can take 2 hours & that’s JUST the bride! If you were like me (with 6-10 people with HAIR & MAKEUP services) You PROBABLY need a team there. We had 5 Makeup Artists to pull off 12 people (with 2 services!)

PRODUCTS This was a BIG selling point for me! I appreciate GOOD Makeup Products. Meaning: Makeup that lasts, applies smoothly, doesn’t fade, buttery smooth makeup! In my humble opinion, this is a HUGE factor.


I used my trial run on my bridal shower day Practicing with eyelashes, makeup & hair timing, & seeing how long the makeup lasts helped ease my makeup anxiety.

PORTFOLIO Take a look at the website (and mostly likely INSTAGRAM). You can get a good idea of their (his or her) work & see if it is something you like SERVICES Ask what services they can provide. Airbrush was a MUST for me personally. I LOVE the look of a flawless finish. Also consider hair! Can they accommodate what you (and your bridesmaids) would like for your special day? Updos, braids, curls, extensions etc (Don’t assume...ask!)

PRICES Clearly this is a HUGE factor too. Ask about travel fees, price per service, Wedding Day Trial, is that included (or a separate fee?) In General (when the team is traveling to you) Hair & Makeup fees range $50-$100. (Plus Tip). Bridal Hair & Makeup is usually more.

COMMUNICATION PROBABLY MY TOP PRIORITY! My Team was IMPECCABLE! From personal phone calls, emailed schedules, detailed questions, ALL BEFORE the wedding....MY Makeup and hair went smoothly and on TIME! Have a pre-set schedule in place for all of your girls and services.

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