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Make your Cell Phone Mark!


If you are seeking a timeless, sleek, personalized cellphone case look no further!

As a Nurse & Blogger, I have been looking for ways to align my personal brand in every aspect of my life. My brand focus being sleek, timeless, with quality products & branding. Therefore, when I discovered MAISON de SABRÉ, I was thrilled!

As a nurse, I like having my phone on my side throughout my shift. However, I needed a case that is slim to slide well into my scrub pants. I need a case that does not add too much bulk and will uphold wear and tear. In addition, I appreciate simple elegant yet personal statements.

Additionally, I grew up an equestrian my whole life. I was literally "raised in a barn," as a horse trainer's daughter and have been submerged in the horse industry for 30 years. Influenced by quality leather, simple yet sophisticated statements & pieces that last through wear and tear, I knew this case was for me.


When ordering my MAISON de SABRÉ, there were a few key aspects I loved about this product and process. First being how easy the site is to navigate. Personalizing my case was easy & I was able to preview the case prior to the purchase. In addition, you are able to use up to 4 silver or gold letters (or in my case symbols) to create your case! The case arrived one week after ordering in a sleek box.


Keeping this leather phone case clean (and sanitized for hospital means) has been wonderful! This fine quality leather is easy to wipe down and maintain. Personally, I must use alcohol wipes to wipe down my case each shift. Then from time to time I wipe it down with a leather wipe at home to condition the leather. (honestly, it doesn't need much!) Due to my job I mus be a bit more proactive with my cleaning. This has become my signature look (black & gold) simple, classic, & timeless.


If you are seeking a personal, quality, hand crafted gift, I highly recommend MAISON de SABRÉ, products. Their premium bovine leather is available in several iconic colors including red, black, blue, green tan, pink etc. This embodies the ultimate statement piece combined with practical design.


Signature Pebble Grain Leather

Hand pressed monogram

Slim and Sleek

Wraps around phone for ultimate protection

Plush Microfiber Suede Lining

Made within 3-4 days

Personalized Monogram

Hand finished product

FREE Shipping Worldwide

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Victoria Servin, BSN RNC-NIC is a registered nurse in Los Angeles & Orange County metropolitan area. Working in Level IV-II NICUs.

In addition to being a wife, daughter, & nurse, Victoria has obtained her National Certification (NICU) and worked as a local traveler pursing bedside experiences in several NICU settings.

Victoria enjoys time with her new hubby, weekend beach time, brunching, wedding going, baby showers, time with family & friends etc.

Follow her NICU and blog journey while juggling married life, nurse life, and enjoying life’s adventures!

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