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Why I choose Barco's Grey's Anatomy Scrubs

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Scrubs are quickly becoming a fashion statement! Here is why I choose Barco Scrubs every time.

Scrubs make a statement. I hate to put it frankly, but people do "Judge the Book by the Cover," especially when you are caring for their most precious and beloved persons. I am a firm believer in looking "sharp." Yes, I do make-up before (most) of my shifts, I pull my hair back (or put it together), I have 2 pens in my pocket at all times & a tube of lip gloss STAT every shift. One might call me, "Type A." And I have always admired Nurses who were the same, if not better than myself. My role models! Always put together, tailored scrubs, spiffy shoes, feminine with a touch of "power house." This is when I discovered "Barco Scrubs," more specifically "Grey's Anatomy Scrubs."  

Grey's Anatomy Scrubs have been my "GO TO," scrubs since day #1. The feminine fit, custom tailored look, the color array, and overall professional theme of their scrub has always attracted my eye. Therefore, that is what I wear! I dabble from time to time in other scrubs, but my "ball & chain," is Barco Scrubs "Greys's Anatomy." ~ Xo Tori 


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