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After several years of working bedside as a Neonatal Nurse,

I have discovered my love to share and teach about my experiences in the hospital setting.


Each Monday I post fun facts, nursing advice, inspiration and more to my Instagram account... so check me out at @nurse.tori_


I am collecting all of my Medical Monday Posts here! I hope you find them fun, informative, & inspiring! Please feel free to contact me for any questions or TIPS you may have!!


Tori's Medical Monday Blog Posts

Tori's Tips on NICU NURSE 101:

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Tori Meskin, BSN RNC-NIC is a registered nurse in Los Angeles & Orange County metropolitan area. Working in Level IV-II NICUs. 


She is a Nurse, Blogger, Podcaster, MSN student. She has obtained her National Certification (NICU) and worked as a local traveler pursuing bedside experiences in several NICU settings.


Tori enjoys time with her new hubby, creating content, learning about new patient populations, riding horses, weekend beach or ski time, time with family & friends & sharing all of her life Tips along the way! 

Follow her NICU & Lifestyle blog journey as she juggles married life, nurse life, & enjoying life’s adventures!


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