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Wedding Tips

Let’s talk WEDDINGS! Wedding planning can be the most wonderful yet stressful time in a bride’s life (literally.) After my experience as a bride-to-be I was inspired to share with you how to embrace the wedding process and make it the most enjoyable experience possible!





















Engaged July 13th 2017 (on the Brooklyn Bridge) in New York! Muy Fantasico!

Engaged & full of love bliss, we began Wedding planning.

Our Wedding Objective: Throw a party no one would forget! (or REMEMBER)  

So, What Better Way To Start A New Marriage? 

RING in The New Year As Man & Wife!

Jacob & I chose to do a New Year’s Eve Wedding.

We were married December 31, 2017!

By far the best day of my life to date.


However, that only left me 5 months to plan our New Year’s Eve Extravaganza!

Meanwhile, I was working full time as a Nurse (at two jobs) flipping back & forth between day and night shift.

So, how did I do it?!

Well, I’m not really sure but there were a few tips

I followed along the way to keep my happiness up & anxiety down. 


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New Years Eve Wedding Gallery

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