Two nurses, one vision. After 13 years of collective nursing experience, Bachelors & Masters prepared nurses, Tori + Sam decided to create the "New Nurse 101" E-Book, an idea turned book based on the premise of growing professional nurses.


"We saw a need for more education and support for those going into nursing school and new nurses starting their first career."


We hope to offer you direction and guidance with these additional resources and be the nursing support you need.




Pulling together your resume, cover letter, and reference pages can be overwhelming! Let us help you! Here are a few templates we have designed to help you create the perfect resume! 

Resume Template #1

Resume Template #2

Cover Letter Template

References Template

Table of Contents


  1. Preparing for Nursing School

  2. ADN vs BSN

  3. Nursing School Life

  4. Managing Your Personal Life

  5. How to Stand Out in Clinical

  6. Studying for NCLEX

  7. Choosing Your Specialty

  8. Resume & Portfolio Overview

  9. Interview Prep

  10. Nursing Interview Questions (Examples & Response Thoughts)

  11. Advantages of New Grad Programs & Application Strategy

  12. Staying Motivated During Rejection

  13. Brain Sheets, SBAR

  14. Appendix & Credits/Trademark


Brain Sheets & Shift Resources

For Every Nurse!

SBAR Report Sheet

Med Surg Brain Sheet

ICU Brain Sheet

NICU Brain Sheet

12-Hour Bedside Cheat Sheet

Tori's Tips on NICU NURSE 101:

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Tori Meskin, BSN RNC-NIC is a registered nurse in Los Angeles & Orange County metropolitan area. Working in Level IV-II NICUs. 


Tori is a wife, nurse,  blogger, podcaster & MSN student. She has obtained her National Certification (NICU) and worked as a local traveler pursuing bedside experiences in several NICU settings.


Tori enjoys time with her new hubby, creating content, learning about new patient populations, riding horses, weekend beach or ski time, time with family & friends & sharing all of her life Tips along the way! 

Follow her NICU & Lifestyle blog journey as she juggles married life, nurse life, & enjoying life’s adventures!


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