Scrubs are quickly becoming a fashion statement! Here is why I choose Barco Scrubs every time.

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Scrubs & Statements

Scrubs make a statement. Frankly, people do "judge the book by the cover," especially when you are caring for their most precious loved ones. I am a firm believer in looking "sharp," and professional at the bedside. I do my make-up before (most) of my shifts, I pull my hair back (or put it together), I have 2 pens in my pocket at all times & a tube of lip gloss STAT every shift. One might call me, "Type A." And I have always admired Nurses who were the same, if not better than myself. The nurses who are always put together, in tailored scrubs, spiffy shoes, and feminine with a touch of "power house." The nurses I looked up to always wore "Barco Uniform Scrubs," specifically "Grey's Anatomy Scrubs."  

Grey's Anatomy Scrubs have been my "GO TO," scrubs since day #1. (Literally this is ALL I have ever worn or care to wear). The feminine fit, custom tailored look, the color array, and overall professional theme of their scrub has always attracted my eye. I strive to look "sharp" & professional yet feminine & fun. This is why I wear Barco Uniform Scrubs  ~ Xo Tori 

That is why it was so easy 

to align my brand with

Barco Uniforms

as a Brand ambassador. 

"Every BODY matters. Caring is where it all begins. That's why everything we do at Barco is meant to help those who matter most, matter more. "Made to Matter" exemplifies our core values and reinforces that purpose has been, and always will be to enhance the lives of those who wear out innovative, beautifully designed professional apparel."

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